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Hi Teresa,

We would like to thank you so much for our sweet little boy, Jackson.  Everyone adores him.  We are out on the patio as I write this email and he is curled up on my lap.  He is so cuddly. 

He fits in quite well with our family.  My Kahlan, a 17 year old Terri-poo, has pretty much adopted him as her own.  She's usually pretty protective over her food bowl, yet Jax can practically  crawl in her bowl and she doesn't mind at all.  He keeps Sonny, a one year old radoll, quite busy.  They play together as well, most of the time!  I'm sure they will be great pals.

Jax is growing fast.  He's over 2lbs now.  He insisted on switching to Kahlan's raw food and he had no trouble with the switch.  He is still a bit chubby.  Both ears are up.  He is getting much better with the pee pad. 

I want to thank you for all your help and advice.  I searched for quite a while for a reputable breeder in BC and was glad to find you.  It's easy to see that you love and care for your yorkies as family members.  I would not hesitate t recommend you to anyone looking for a sweetie and healthy yorkie.

Thank you so much!  Here are a few photos of Jax and his buddies!      Kimberly













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