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Deja - 4 years

Meet our loving and sweet female dog, perfect for snuggling up on the couch and sharing warmth and affection. She joyfully welcomes all visitors to her home with excitement and a wagging tail. Her favorite activities include exploring the yard and going on leisurely walks to discover new sights and smells.

This delightful companion would be ideal for a retired person or couple seeking a loving and devoted companion to share their days with. Her gentle demeanor and love for both indoor relaxation and outdoor adventures make her a wonderful addition to a calm and caring household.

If you're ready to welcome this loving canine into your home, contact us today to arrange a meeting and experience her warm personality firsthand!    $2500.

Carmalita - 8 years

Meet Carmalita, a delightful and affectionate female dog in search of her forever family. Carmalita is incredibly friendly and sweet-natured, with a love for people of all ages. She is known for her easy-going temperament and adoration for cuddling and snuggling up.

Carmalita enjoys spending time outdoors, especially relaxing on the deck in the shade. She is a great companion who eagerly joins in on outings and loves going for walks. One of her absolute favorite activities is receiving belly rubs – she simply can't get enough!

If you're looking for a loving canine companion who will brighten your days with her gentle spirit and loving nature, Carmalita is the perfect match for you. She is ready to bring joy and companionship into your home.  $1500.

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