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Bringing Home Your New Puppy


It's so exciting bringing a new Yorkie Puppy home!  There are some things you may want to consider.

When you receive or first take your new furbaby home, you will be given a little goody bag of stuff to take home with you, these items are designed to help transition your puppy from my home to yours.  You will receive a bed, a stuffed toy, and a chew toy.  These are things the puppy is familiar with and sleep and play with in my home.  If you keep these things for at least a week, it will help him/her to have familiar things going into thier new home.  You can slowly add new things and take away old ones, once he/she is familiar with thier new surrounding.  Besides, it's so much fun to go shopping for your new little furbaby, and most pet stores allow you to bring your new puppy into the store as well, how fun is that!  Just make sure all shots are up to date. 

Where is your new furbaby going to sleep?

I keep a crate in the pen your puppy has lived in for the first few weeks of his/her life, so they are familiar with it, and think of it as a den or a safe haven.  They wonder in and out as they please, and have taken trips to the vets in it, therefore; they are comfortable travelling in it as well.  So, half the work has been done for you.  Some people feed their puppies in the crates as well, just so they associate good things with a crate.  Some dog obedience instructors will suggest you to do this as well. 




I don't recommend sleeping with your puppy in the bed, they are too tiny, and it is possible to smother them at this young an age.  That being said, they do become good bedmates and love to snuggle when they are older.  I sleep with all of mine, they tend to take up most of the bed.  Remember you do this at your own risk, there is the still the danger of smothering as well as them falling off the bed and injuring thenmselves.

 Putting your puppy  in a dark bathroom, or the blocked off kitchen can create a loss of sleep, for both you and your household as well as your new furbaby.  Here is what I do when adjusting a new puppy to sleeping on their own.  I pull a chair up beside my bed.  I put the puppy in the crate that they are already familiar with, usually with a stuffed animal that is as big as they are, so they have something to cuddle.  This way the puppy can see you, and doesn't feel alone.  If the puppy begins to fuss, pop your fingers in the crate, let him/her know you are there.  They will usually nuzzle up to your fingers, and sometimes lay right near the door so they can be as close to you as possible.  In doing this, I find that I lose minimal sleep, and puppy and I are much happier getting that full nights rest.  If the puppy is persistent about fussing, it usually means they need to potty or they are thirsty.  This is the best way for crate training your puppy to go learn to potty as well.  In a couple of weeks you can transition the puppy to the floor, and then eventually where you want the crate to be permanently placed.

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