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Merlyn 2021 2
Merlyn 2021 5
Merlyn with braid

Merlyn is a Sweet natured timid little guy, a gentle and loving companion.  We are happy to have him in our home.  He is playful and loves to spend time outdoors.

I have to drag him in on snowy days. 

Merlyn is always trying to communicate in funny ways.

He always knows when it's dinner time, and will tap my foot with his nose to herd me towards the kitchen, everyday at 4 o'clock.  No one in this house will miss a meal with him around. 

He makes a point of getting some loving in everyday. 

He comes up to me and insists on a snuggle and wants his pets.  Such a loving boy.

Birthdate: 0212/2015

Weight: 5lbs

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