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About Us

 I have been breeding Yorkshire Terriers since 2003.

  It all began with my own hunt for my first Yorkshire Terrier. My youngest Daughter had graduated school, and I knew it may be a while before the grandbabies came, so I decided I was ready for a furbaby. I found a lady in town who had one for sale. Being naïve about what I was looking at, not knowing what questions to ask, trusting this person knew what they were talking about, I immediately purchased this little guy.  Afterwards I discovered he was inbred. The breeder had wanted to sell puppies to subsidize her pension. She didn’t have a male to breed her female to, so she bred her back to her own father. I was shocked! This explained a lot of the issues he was having, and although he was a Yorkie, or at least looked somewhat like a Yorkie, I had no papers to prove it. I had a friend once say she had seen Yorkie puppies before and my Yorkie didn’t look like them. I have no doubt in my mind that he was a Yorkie, just not the most attractive Yorkie around. He loved to play ball, was ball obsessed and we loved him to bits. It bothered me though, that people were being duped by this breeder. I decided then, that I wanted to breed Yorkies. I wanted people to be able to purchase a puppy from a breeder that would be up front and honest with them. I want people to leave my house with their new little furbaby knowing that what they spent their hard earned money on was going to be a happy healthy little bundle of joy. I want people to understand that I had that terrible experience of purchasing from someone just trying to make a buck, and that this wasn’t going to happen to them.  I searched for reputable breeders and blood lines.  I flew down met the breeder, brought them each back into Canada, and went through the process of " bringing a breeding dog" into Canada.   I had all my dogs liver tested, to assure they would not pass on anything genetically. Because we have gone above and beyond to ensure our breeding stock is the highest of quality and in excellent health we do not sell breeding stock. We pride ourselves in our breeding lines and want to preserve everything thing we have worked so hard for. Respectfully, we ask that you do not inquire to purchase breeding stock. I am a CKC registered breeder, my dogs are CKC and AKC registered.  All of my Dams are either AKC Champion Sired or thier Dam is a Champion.   I breed my dogs only when my schedule allows me to properly care for the mama and her puppies.  I generally only breed my females once a year.  They have a litter then they are given a rest. They are small dogs, so breeding constantly is not good for them. Most of our puppies turn out to be approximately 3.5 to 6.5 lbs.  They all come with health guarantees, and are microchipped, and given their first two sets of vaccinations.   All puppies are sold with non-breeding contracts which means they must be spayed or neutered within the year and proof is required, or they may be spay/neutered prior to leaving my home for an extra fee. These are premium bred Yorkshire Terriers, please only serious inquiries.

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